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Enjoy Your Holidays...

Live and know the territory, full enjoy your stay. Casa Tomà offers you the possibility to know the typical products of our land, ensuring their naturalness and quality...


A dream stay, in an ancient cabin surrounded by nature.
Rediscover the rhythms and sounds of nature, away from mass tourism
Unforgettable emotions and a pinch of comfort...
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Typical Products Of Val D'Ossola

Casa Tomà offers a selection of typical products of Ossola Valley: cheeses, charcuterie, wines and typical ingredients of our kitchen. Every proposed product represents the best that can be found in Ossola region, in almost all cases the products are zero-mile. Ideal snack for your hiking, or to taste in the comfort of your own home! 


Among the most known cold cuts of Ossola region you can taste: liver mortadella, bacon, head salami, typical cold cuts, lard, beef bresaola and the typical ham of Vigezzo Valley. Occasionally, we propose homemade charcuterie in very small amounts, niche products for real gourmets !


Ossola region offers a wide range of local and zero-mile cheeses, among the most known ones you can taste: Bettelmatt, fontina cheeses ( or pasture grease ) of Devero and Veglia regions, toma cheeses of Antigorio valley, mixed cheeses ( cow - goat ) of Vigezzo valley, the cheese of Trontano and Masera and many others...


Definetly, Prunent wine, ancient vineyards of Nebbiolo origin, it’s the undisputed king of Ossola region wines, but, occasionally, you can even find very limited artisanal productions from Ossola region vineyards.

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